Saturday, January 19, 2013

That Which Remains...

I love discovering new places just miles from where I have grown up. My artist friend Elissa was visiting nearby and suggested we find a place to paint in a central location. A simple internet search for "historic properties Horsham" revealed this wonderful gem... I love Google! Another artist friend Taryn joined us. We met in the parking lot on a cold sunny day with our gear-packed cars and ventured off to walk the grounds and take in the possibilities.

The skies were a vibrant blue with a strong and steady wind moving through the pine trees.

There were fields and pastures idle with scrubby brushes and small trees.

I was immediately attracted to a cluster of small barns/sheds and outbuildings in the rear of the property. The original bank barn had burned down years ago and these were all that remained. The old horse sheds were collapsing under the weight of a sagging roof and broken rafters. A smaller building to the right had wonderful stone work with weathered doors.

I was drawn to the light separating the buildings ... bathing the side with a charming little window. The textures and colors were so wonderful. It was so windy and cold I had to move inside my car to keep my watercolors from freezing. I returned the next day to finish the painting - the winds had subsided and temps were slightly warmer.

"All That Remains"
watercolor, plein air, 8" x 8"

The Penrose/Strawbridge Farm is a 102-acre property located on the southwest side of County Line Rd. in Horsham Township, Montgomery County. It is located next to Graeme Park....another incredible historic site with equally wonderful painting sites! You can read more about the restoration efforts and the rich history of the property at


Mary Byrom said...

Love this post! And very nice painting- rough trying to do it in freezing weather. Doesn't show any of the struggles with nature.Feels like warm sunshine on that wall!

Jane Ramsey said...

Thanks Mary! So true... guess I should take a photo of my chapped fingers and windburned face! :) But gosh was it exhilarating! There is nothing like it when you find a great painting spot that speaks to your heart and soul.

Maureen Tomaino said...

Im venturing more into Plein Air watercolor this year with my students as well.

love this venture.
will tell you about mine on the 25 Jan.
Maureen Tomaino

Elissa said... was a splendid day...all that sunshine. Not bad using the back of the station wagon as a mini-studio out of the wind. thank you so much Jane for getting me out. I have driven past that place 500 times (mostly in the 70's when I waitressed at the nearby hojo's , but never knew it existed. A real hidden gem.

Jane Ramsey said...

Thanks Elissa! I had such a great time with you and Taryn. It is a hidden gem! I am looking forward to returning often!