Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Vermont: Lawnmowers & Raindrops

Side Street Parking, 14 x 11, watercolor

I spotted these wonderful old red buildings on a side street in North Bennington, Vermont. Spilling out of the doorways of this lawnmower repair shop were a quirky assortment of snowblowers, lawnmowers and even an exercise cycle. While I am sure this haphazard assortment of metal and tires mixed in with weeds and spare parts is an eyesore to some, it was something I really wanted to capture.
Partway through the sketch it started to rain pretty hard so I jumped under the overhang of a back door entrance to a shop. The rain was on and off, and each time it stopped I stepped out to work on the painting more. I loved the rain spatters in the tree foliage (far right)... and it worked great with wet washes in the roadway. 
I love the ink pens I use... Faber Castell PITT artist pens. They are waterproof and archival ink quality. Great for plein air sketchers!
I finished up my painting and with the help of the beauty salon (my back door shop!) I dried it with their dryers!

I walked across the street to join my friends Mary and Andrew who were painting under umbrellas and car hatchbacks. Loved Andrew's set up with a big tarp covering his easel and keeping his legs and feet dry. A board props up the hatchback of his Volvo station wagon so he can sit further back. 

Plein air painters have to improvise all the time! It's part of the adventure!


AutumnLeaves said...

Jane, is this a repost of this painting? I could have sworn I'd commented on this very beautiful painting before! Though I do not remember the photos beneath this top piece. Either a strong sense of deja vu or I am losing my marbles. Probably the latter. At any rate, I think this is a fabulous piece and I love seeing scenes of a state I've always wished to visit!

Laura Moore said...

Great blog, especially interesting to me as just started plein air myself. A bit daunting but very exciting stuff. Thanks for the inspiration to continue. Laura x